We work with companies of all shapes and sizes. What they all have in common is a desire to GROW using the latest marketing and sales technology.

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77% Order increase, average monthly sales goal met in 90 days

More Conversions

In just 12 weeks we deployed a total rebrand of the Mobile Stairlift and shifted to an inbound model. Using video and creative assets we drove conversions up by 90% and increased orders by 77%.

Launched 22 products in 12 weeks, Brand Sold To Amazon

Rapid Deployment

In just 12 weeks, we helped Olaganics launch 22 new products. As a result of the brand name was bought by Amazon within 1 month of our product launch.

218% Increase In Traffic, 55% Increase in Orders YoY

Paid Media = Repeat Buys

Using Search, Display and Shopping Ads, we managed to drive repeat buys for Powell Lacrosse. We increased traffic by 218% and increased orders by 55% YoY.

1'700% increase in Conversions, 58% Reduction in Ad Spend

LOWER Acquisition COSTS

We increased conversions by 1’700% while reducing Adword costs by 58%. In addition, overall Quality Score increased and even though traffic decreased, the traffic received had a higher conversion rate.

Internal Newsletter Campaign

Promoting Company Culture

Mind & Metrics created an internal newsletter for the International Distributors Market that educated on new products, announced goals and promoted company culture.

Product Packaging & Website Support

Departmental Alignment

When Nestlé took over K-10+, they still needed website and product packaging support. Mind & Metrics debriefed and consulted on K-10+ for over a year.

Branding, Social Media, Paid Media, Brand sold to Nestlé

Brand Overhaul For Maximum Impact

We redesigned the K-10+ website, helped with branding, e-commerce, and paid media. As a result, K-10+ was acquired by Nestlé in 2016.

Brand Experience Strategies & Product Packaging


From concept to execution, Mind & Metrics helped craft the look and feel of Big TIme Energy across several product types.


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